Allentown Seventh-day Adventist Church

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Cancelled - Children's Church & Sabbath School

November 21, 2020 at 9:30 AM
Recurs every Saturday

In Person:
Sabbath School & Separate Children's Church:
> Children ages 5-15 must wear masks at all times.
> Children 0-4 must be accompanied by their parents to Sabbath School. Teachers will not take these children to the bathroom or provide any care for the children.
> Ages 5-6 will need to take themselves to the bathroom without any assistance from staff.
> Social distancing is the Key. Ages 6-15 activities will be held in the lower auditorium. We will break up into groups with the classes.
> Upon arrival at the church your child or children will be scanned with a thermometer at the entrance of the door. Children must wear masks.  If gloves are needed they would be provided by the teachers. Masks will be provided to those in the community without a mask.
> Children will enter from the outside at the fellowship hall and will not be allowed to go upstairs. At the end of the service, you the parents will enter from the outside at the fellowship hall and pick your child or children up.
> Please provide water and snacks for your children. They will have a break.